MLB Predictions

The 2014 MLB season is here, and we look for another profitable season here at If you are new to this site, I will be emailing members a daily MLB pick (or maybe two or three). My picks will either be rated as “2 unit” plays or “5 unit” plays (also known as my popular 5 Star picks).

Over the past three years we’ve profited 63.23 units or $6,323 for $100 bettors, and I plan to add to that this year.

I’m excited to announce an addition to my team, as Kyle is going to be joining us here at MLB Predictions. He has been doing some work for me over the past few years and his MLB picks have been very profitable.

If you’re interested in how my picks work check out the bottom of this page.


My name is Kevin and I run this site solely. This site gives out daily MLB picks and predictions that are based around betting the MLB games. My goal is to profit as much as I can over the course of the season.

My picks and predictions include a lot of money line predictions (straight up winners), but will also include over/under or game total picks and run line predictions.

Unlike most handicappers, I keep my record on the homepage for everyone to view, as I am very confident in my MLB handicapping and I feel no reason to hide my overall record year round.

You might notice a near .500 record (76-70 for example), but please realize I include a lot of underdog picks. When picking underdogs I could have a sub .500 record and still be profiting on the season – which is why I keep track of units won/loss.

Each free MLB pick I release here will be rated 2 units (unless otherwise noted). 1 unit = 1% of my bankroll, therefore each 2 unit bet will be risking 2% of my bankroll.

As an example: If the odds on a pick were -130 we would risk 2.00 units to win 1.54 units. If the odds on one of my picks were +110 we would risk 2 units to win 2.20 units.

My “5 Star” picks (which are sent through email only to those who enter their name and email in the form above) are rated 5 units. 5 units = 5% of my bankroll. As an example if the odds on the pick were -120 we would be risking 5 units to win 4.15 units. If the odds were +105 we would be risking 5 units to win 5.25 units.

This is pretty standard stuff for experienced bettors, but if you don’t understand anything feel free to shoot me an email.

Be Careful: When some MLB handicappers display a really good record it might be because they are laying a lot of -200 or -300 type bets. With those odds you can have a good record but still be losing money. I could do this to display a good record, but I keep my focus on winning money with my MLB predictions.

I am a very stand up guy, and you can find out more on my About Me page. Also don’t be afraid to email me (contact info at bottom of page) for anything MLB or betting related. Cheers.