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We are no longer updating this MLB Predictions website, but you can find all of our MLB picks over at The Sports Geek with the games covered by Chris and Kyle during the baseball season!

The 2015 MLB season is here, and we look for another profitable season here at

I’ve got exciting news as I’ve added an MLB expert, Brent, to the team here at MLB Predictions.  Brent is a big baseball fan and has been a long time sports bettor.  He plans to combine his passion for the sport with his sports betting experience to provide us another profitable season betting on baseball in 2015.

If you’re interested in how our MLB picks work check out the bottom of this page.

AL and NL Preseason Predictions

American League Pick – BOSTON RED SOX (+750)

I simply don’t feel this needs any further explanation. This team is going to score oodles of runs this season no matter who plays well enough to earn starting roster spots and if a player falters for one reason or another, be certain there is an all-star calibre player waiting in the wings to take over that position. That is how deep this offense is. You actually can outscore teams enough in the regular season to win plenty of games and eventually earn a postseason spot, and once you are there it’s been easy to tell that it is anybody’s game at that point. The pitching will hold up enough to allow this team to become the AL Pennant Champions and represent the junior circuit in the World Series.

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National League Pick – PITTSBURGH PIRATES (+1600)

To me the Pirates look too deep and too talented of a team to not win the NL Central division this season. It’s never easy to win a division in the MLB in any season, however I feel they are ahead of the Cubs, Brewers and the Reds and will likely only have to deal with the pesky Cardinals who seem to be in the thick of it every single season. Even so, the Central could have two playoff teams this season and if so, you bet the Pirates will be one of them. If you want true value take the Pirates in 2015 to come out of the National League and participate in the World Series.

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My name is Kevin and I run this website with help of my expert MLB handicapper Brent (more on him below).

This site gives out daily MLB picks and predictions that are based around betting the MLB games. Our goal is to profit as much as we can over the course of the season.

Brent is the expert handicapper that will be providing the daily MLB predictions at the blog (which can be found on the right hand side).  Like I mentioned, Brent is a big baseball fan that follows games across the league every night of the baseball season.  Not only does he dig into the numbers, he also watches a lot of games to get a feel for different pitchers, hitters, and teams overall.

His picks and predictions include a lot of money line predictions (straight up winners), but will also include over/under or game total picks and run line predictions.

MLB Money Line Betting Explained

Money line betting is simply betting on which team wins. If you want to see some demonstrations of money line betting in the MLB check out the video I made below.

MLB Run Line Betting Explained

Run line betting can be a little more confusing for new baseball bettors. The video below will explain it all, but basically it is like betting against the spread in football. The favorite is a 1.5 run favorite, and in order for a bet on them to win they must win by 2 or more runs. The underdog can lose by 1 run or win the game to win a run line bet. This is a way you can pick big favorites and still get a decent payout, or pick big underdogs and get an extra run.

Each free MLB pick we release here will be rated 1 unit (unless otherwise noted). 1 unit = 1% of your bankroll.

So if you had $1,000 to bet with each pick would be a $10 bet.

As an example: If the odds on a pick were +130 we would risk 1.00 unit to win 1.30 units.

This is pretty standard stuff for experienced bettors, but can be confusing to new bettors. If you don’t understand anything feel free to shoot me an email.

Be Careful: When some MLB handicappers display a really good record it might be because they are laying a lot of -200 or -300 type bets. With those odds you can have a good record but still be losing money. Here at we look to maximize profits.  Our record might be 50-50 with our picks, but we could be enjoying a really profitable season betting underdogs.  Don’t fall for people who show off an impressive record, but bet only huge favorites (therefore aren’t winning much money if any at all).

Questions about betting on the MLB? Don’t be afraid to email me (contact info at bottom of page) for anything MLB or betting related. Cheers.